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Recipes for Hemp

Glen Schwarz, Independent Candidate for Congress in Arkansas by Glen Schwarz
Perhaps the most delightful discovery I've made in recent years is the unique flavor and health benefits of Cannabis hemp. Hulled and crushed hemp seeds are called hemp nuggets and are available from farmers in Canada and the Bohemian countries.

Eaten alone, the nuggets taste like walnuts or sunflower seeds. Combined with other soups or veggies, they can add protein and flavor to a recipe. The spectrum of essential oils and proteins that are contained in this food source are second to none on Earth. Truly, the seeds of Cannabis hemp stand today where soybeans stood 50 years ago, except that hemp tastes much better than the bland yellow bean.

Here then are some recipes for using the hemp nuggets, now being made available in fresh and abundant imports from Canada. Look for the THC free label, so the robotons from DEA can't screw with you if they ever get their new "regulations" past the courts.

1. Trail mix- Add hemp nuggets to your favorite trail mix for protein and flavor.

2. Fruit garnish- Make a banana split with strawberries and hemp. Lose the three scoops of heart clogging ice cream.

3. Hempy Baked potato- Mash and cut open a baked potato. Add little butter and salt. Add two tablespoons of hemp seed nuggets. Now a reduced amount of sour cream and loads of chives or fresh herb garnish. The oily and flavorful hemp nuggets turn a plain baked potato into a healthy culinary delight.

4. Banana sandwich- Mash a ripe banana on a lightly buttered toast. Add hemp nuggets. Spread jelly or honey on other slice of toast. Combine for a protein fortified snack or breakfast.

5. Hempy Tuna- Open a bag of tuna, its better and fresher than the standard can variety. Add 4 tablespoons of hemp nuggets. Add onions or chives. Salt and pepper to taste. Neither the hemp nor the tuna need refrigeration over the short term, so hempy tuna is available at trail's end for backpackers and campers.

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