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Arkansas Norml Meeting June 25, 2015

Meeting Started 7:07 PM.

President Glen Schwarz noted that the state of Delaware had decriminalized marijuana.

Glen passed out printed material including a letter from Nicole Maish, a list of Arkansans for Compassionate Care signing events, booklets of the Arkansas Legislative Roster 2015, copies of the Freedom Leaf, and a brochure regarding Restoration of Voting Rights for Convicted Felons.

Our mailbox was discussed. Gene donated $10.00 to help keep it open. Glen noted that we need a membership form on our website to help drive mail to our P.O. box.

Time was spent filling out the Annual Report for Non-Profit Corporation forms for 2013,2014 and 2015.

It was discussed about approaching Warwick Sabin to introduce a decriminalization bill into the Arkansas legislature.

It was decided that the next meeting should be on Spetember 17, 2015, a Thursday.

Gene asked about putting a small classified ad for Norml in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The meeting ended at 7:50 PM.

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