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About Arkansas NORML

The Arkansas chapter of NORML is a citizen action group. It is an official affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. As such it is one of more than a hundred local chapters throughout the nation and world.

Our goal is the re-legalization of the Cannabis hemp plant, and the decriminalization of marijuana for both personal and medical uses. In order to reach these goals, we organize ourselves under the right to assemble. Meetings of ArkNORML are held bi-monthly in Little Rock, the capitol city of Arkansas. A group newsletter is published shortly before each meeting, and sent to every member either by postal or e-mail.

Members of ArkNORML are asked to use any legal means necessary to change the unjust laws of our nation and state in regards to hemp and the special herb, marijuana. Educate the people, write to your representatives and your local newspaper, call the Governor and demonstrate at events of opportunity, all are examples of citizen activists at work.

One thing is certain; if we do nothing, we can expect no change. For the ring of power does not lie long in the dust. If good people do not pick it up and either use it or destroy it, then surely evil people will pick it up utilize it for their ends. The awesome power of the state can and will eliminate every freedom that you hold dear. Pick up the ring of power Frodo, and fight for your rights to life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness!

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ArkNORML Pres.
Glen Schwarz
phone: (501) 568-1598