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ArkNORML News- August 2014

The Arkansas Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
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by Glen Schwarz

The valiant attempt at putting a medical Marijuana initiative back on the Arkansas 2014 general election ballot ended on July 7. At that point organizers had 50,000 collected signatures, about 12,000 short of the number required to turn in. This was the third attempt at getting a medical reform on the general election ballot. An attempt in 2008 also failed to get the required number of signatures. As you remember, the 2012 initiative did get on the ballot, but was defeated at the polls by a slim 2% of Arkansas voters.

There is no dishonor in trying and failing to get something done in assbackwards Arkansas. Struggle is the name of the game for those affected by blatant injustice. In the words of Maya Angelou, "The caged bird sings for freedom!"

MJ Reform in Arkansas is Skewed

Resorting to the initiative process seems to be the only way to make any headway in Arkansas. The conformist and cowardly legislature won't even introduce a measure for debate. Too afraid are they of the Baptist preachers, that demonize any association with weed. People, these are bad laws, based on lies, and the only really wicked demon is a government that WILL NOT CHANGE!

Yet there is no lack of activists in Arkansas who will write up and start a petition drive. The Attorney general was inundated by marijuana initiatives this year and last. Five separate bills were presented to him for approval of the wording, some of them multiple times. Three bills were eventually OK'ed for circulation. Only the medical bill by the compassionate care people made a serious attempt at making the ballot. Using a 90% volunteer effort, they made it to within a dozen thousand signatures of ballot status.

The point of the matter is, why 5 separate efforts? This reminds me of the geometric concept of skewed lines; lines that go off into infinity, yet never meet or intersect. There are an infinite number of skewed lines. Yet if all the reform activists in Arkansas pull together for a parallel effort, we might make the ballot in 2016 and effect a change in the natural state.

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